Skin testing policy


Skin Testing Policy 

At Sadie Paul Salon , safety of clients is always a priority. Colour clients must be skin tested inline with our salon insurance cover. 

Clients who will need a skin test
  • Every new client
  • Every client who has not had their hair coloured for six months or a skin test at Sadiepaul Hairdressing in 12 months. 
  • A skin test may also be necessary following health and safety questions during a consultation. 

We do not allow any colour services for anyone aged below 16 years. 

Having a skin test at Sadie Paul Salon
  • Visit the salon 48hrs to 5 days prior to your colour service appointment 
  • We will apply a small amount of colour formula on the inside of your elbow.  
  • Please ensure clothing can be pulled up, a tissue will be put around to protect clothing.
  • The test needs to be left on for 45 minutes and then can be washed off. 

Should you experience any signs of irritation, reddening, swelling or itching please contact us

If you develop symptoms that make you feel unwell please contact a medical professional immediately. 

When you arrive for your colour service, we will observe the tested area. Further colour services may not require a skin test subject to screening questions that we may ask you during your consultation or prior to your appointment. Please fine screening questions here

Thank you for your cooperation in our procedures and policies.

If you are asked to have a skin test

For your first skin test with Sadie Paul Salon or it’s 6 months since your last colour service or you are due your annual skin test:

You will be asked to visit the salon 48hrs to 5 days prior to your appointment. We will apply a small amount of mixed colour to the inside of your elbow. A tissue will be put on clothing to protect. This must be left on for 45 minutes and can then be washed off.

I have been colouring my hair for years, why do I need a skin test? 

Anyone can become sensitive or have a reaction to colour at any time. It is also possible to become allergic to hair colour suddenly. This is why we will monitor reactions by asking you questions before each colour.

Sadie Paul Salon reserve the right to change the skin policies in line with manufacturers guidelines or change of insurance policy.

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