Three steps to healthier hair 

What are bond builders? And what will they do for my hair?

Bond builders have been in our industry for a few years now. But it can be confusing to you, what it’s all about and what ones are best.

Our hair has different layers, within your hair you have different bonds. These bonds are broken down by chemicals, heat, brushing and the environment. The bonding treatments will go in to repair these bonds to ensure your hair is healthy.

This is why sometimes you don’t always feel your hair is healthy after putting loads of conditioning masks on as this is only treating the top layer of your hair.

Whereas the bonding treatments will go deep into your strands to repair and strengthen. See a transformation after a couple of treatments.


blonde highlights

Bond builders can be used on all hair types , as the treatment will keep the hair in a healthy state. They are a must for fragile hair, finer or blondes as these will be more prone to breakage.

What are the three steps? 

In salon we use INNOluxe. This treatment can be used in two ways. As a standalone along side a blowdry or cut & blowdry. It can put it in your colour too.

innoluxe bond builder

Standalone treatment

There are three steps when having the standalone treatment. First your hair will be cleansed with INNOluxe purify shampoo, next INNOluxe foam will be applied for 10 minutes, this has been created for us to use at the salon chair, so you are comfortable and relaxed. This will create anti-break strength, locks in colour and boost curl retention. secondly, Balance plus is applied for 10 minutes on top. rebuilding elasticity, lock in your colour, protects from heat and adds fullness and shine. Your hair is rinsed and your stylist will begin your finishing.

Receiving smooth & shiny hair, you’ll want to run your hands through!

In colour service

 INNOluxe Rebond treatment can be added into your colour. Helping your hair build strength while developing. Once shampooed, your hair will be treated to the balance plus for 10 minutes.

The added value when you’re having a highlighting service, is all your hair that is left out will be sprayed with the treatment too, so you know every strand will be repaired. The balance plus also comes in platinum, so your blonde can be cooled and conditioned at the same time!

We would recommend INNOluxe in your colour every time. And standalone treatments over a couple of months to help repair your hair,  moving to maintenance treatments every three to four months. This will ensure your hair will be in tip top condition.

With most bond builders you won’t see the difference as much, with INNOluxe you’ll see the transformation. You’ll see the condition improve on the outside too. Have manageable hair everyday!

brown hair

Feel confident, feel beautiful and look amazing!

What about after care? 

That’s where this product comes in!! Must of us struggle to find the time to apply treatment at home. INNOluxe Elixir has changed this.

hair treatment

A small amount of Elixir can be applied after washing your hair. You can also apply a small amount to your ends every night. A night cream for your hair! So when you’re getting your beauty sleep, your hair will be transforming into beautiful, healthy hair. Saving you time every week.  Elixir is available in a 30ml or 100ml bottle.

Having a INNOluxe treatment and after care will not only transform but save you time too.

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