Unlocking the Secret to Stronger, Healthier Hair: The Power of Bonding Treatments

What are bond builders? And what will they do for my hair?

You may have heard whispers about bond builders, but what exactly are they, and how can they transform your hair? Let’s break it down.

Our hair, beautiful as it is, faces daily battles with chemicals, heat styling, brushing, and environmental stressors. These challenges break down the bonds within our hair’s three layers, leaving it vulnerable and weakened.

Enter bonding treatments. Unlike regular conditioners or intensive masks that merely reach the surface or delve slightly deeper, bonding treatments dive straight to the core. They work tirelessly to repair and rebuild these crucial bonds, restoring your hair’s strength, shape, and energy from within.

Think of it as a superhero for your strands, swooping in to save the day and strengthen your hair against damage. By incorporating bonding treatments into your routine, you’re investing in the long-term health and resilience of your locks.

With each treatment, you’re not just pampering your hair , you’re investing in its future. Say hello to stronger, shinier, and more voluminous hair that radiates with life. Because when your hair feels good, you feel unstoppable.



Bond builders are the ultimate hair care essential, suitable for all hair types. Whether your locks are thick or fine, dark or blonde, these treatments work wonders to maintain hair health and resilience. Especially crucial for fragile hair types or those prone to breakage, such as finer strands or blondes, bond builders provide the extra support needed to keep your hair strong and vibrant.

Discover the Magic of INNOluxe: Two Steps to Luxurious Hair

At our salon, we swear by INNOluxe for hair transformations. This treatment is incredibly versatile, whether you’re opting for a standalone treatment alongside a blowdry, haircut, or incorporating it into your colouring process.

innoluxe bond builder

Let’s delve into the two options.

standalone treatment.

Firstly, your hair is treated to a rejuvenating cleanse with INNOluxe Purify shampoo, washing away impurities and prepping your strands for the next steps. Next up, we apply INNOluxe Foam for five minutes. This step is specially designed for salon comfort, ensuring you feel pampered while it works its magic to strengthen your hair, enhance colour retention, and boost curl vitality. Second part is the application of Balance Plus, 10-minute indulgence that rebuilds elasticity, locks in colour, shields against heat damage, and adds fullness and shine. As the treatment is rinsed, you’ll already begin to feel the silky smoothness and see the radiant shine emerging, leaving you eager to run your fingers through your revitalised locks.

In colour service

When it comes to colouring, INNOluxe Rebond treatment can be added to the process, applying the Rebond straight into your colour. Strengthening and adding resilience as your colour develops. After shampooing, your hair receives a nourishing dose of Balance Plus for 10 minutes, that rebuilds elasticity, locks in colour, shields against heat damage, and adds fullness and shine.

We highly recommend incorporating INNOluxe into your colouring routine every time, with standalone treatments every few months to keep your hair in excellent condition. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference, not just in the strength and manageability of your hair, but in its outward appearance too.

Say hello to effortlessly beautiful hair, day after day.


Feel confident and a new women!

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