“New year, new start” What about new hair? 

As we approach a new year, it’s nice to reflect back and then look to the future. What styles will you pick for 2023? 

Let’s help you. 

Say hello to honey blondes and sun kissed brunettes . 

We are slowly saying goodbye to cooler blondes and turning towards more natural, beige and honey blondes. Time to ditch the purple shampoos! These warmer blondes are perfect to help your skin tone glow and bring out your beautiful eye colour. Beige and honey tones are perfect to add a gentle glow to a brunette too. Just like Jennifer Aston and Jennifer Lopez. Giving your hair the perfect natural shine. 

There are multiple ways to achieve this look and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. If you’d like to discuss having these tones follow the link to fill in our easy online consultation form

Brown hair with highlights

    Curtain and swept bangs 

Want to add a little something but don’t want a fringe? This is a perfect option that isn’t quite as short as the common fringe bangs we have seen in 2022. These are lower maintenance for you. Curtain bangs are perfect for adding some shape to your face and still enable you to pull back out of the way when you want to. They flow naturally into the rest of your hair, giving you an effortlessly cool vibe. Curtain bangs are easy to style and will suit every face shape. Additionally swept bangs are pulled over to one side, taking us back to the 90s look. 

                                                                             curtain bangs

  Blunt cut
Receive fuller looking hair.
This trend isn’t going away anytime soon. The blunt haircut is a timeless classic. Giving you a super chic look. This look is suited for anyone and can be great at jaw length to below the collar.This cut is the best for finer hair types. It will give your hair a fuller and thicker look, giving you more confidence.If you would like this cut but you have thicker hair. Your stylist can tailor it to your needs by putting in some subtle long layers. This will give you less weight on your ends.
The blunt cut will keep your hair looking healthier for longer

We recommend having your hair cut 6-8 weeks to ensure your hair stays in good condition and in this stunning style.

Blunt hair cut

Micro bob

Bobs are a hair cut, that never goes out of fashion and there are so many variations. This bob is usually cut to the jawline or cheekbones. It is best for those that have a higher hairline at the neck. The micro bob looks the best in a centre parting but bangs can be added to create softness. Style straight for a chic look or wavy for a textured look.     Mirco Bob

If you’re fancying a new look for 2023, get ahead and book your appointment online 

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