Why is my hair falling out so much? 

Our hair can be one of the things that make us feel good. You know the saying “if your hair isn’t right you don’t feel right.” There can be many causes for our hair falling out. Keep reading as we will talk through some. 

Do you wear your hair up?

When we wear our hair up in ponytails or other styles, we don’t brush it until the end of the day or the morning if we go straight to bed from a night out! We lose hundreds of strands daily, so when our hair is up, those strands can’t leave the hair. When you take your hair out all these strands will come out in one go. 


Have you had a change in medication? 

What we put into our bodies will have an effect on what we see outside. When having mediation changes sometimes this can affect our hair too and cause it to shed. This can be the same for hormonal medication. If you have had a recent change, your hair should settle down again after a few months. 

Dare I say it, could you be pre-menopausal or going through it?

Going through this change in your life will also have an impact on your hair. One of the symptoms can be thinning hair. A change in hairstyle either small or big could help your hair look and feel thicker. We offer a free in-salon consultation if you’d like to talk through it or fill in our online consultation form. 

What brushes are you using?

Finding a good detangle brush is the best thing to use after washing and also using daily. Some brushes can snap your hair if fragile. Try to upgrade your brushes as soon as they start to wear. If you are unsure, we recommend our Wet Brushes. They are soft on your head but will brush through even thick hair without causing damage. We will be stocking round blowdry Wet Brushes soon too. 


Do you take vitamins?

Did you know that your hair is the last place to receive any nutrients from your diet? Obviously, it is a good thing that the goodness goes to your organs that need it the most, but we also want our hair to look good too. This is where we recommend Glowwa Hair Food supplements. Award-winning and results-driven. They are recyclable, plastic-free (even the capsules), Gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy free. No bulking agents. Amazing vitamins to give you healthy hair and stop shedding. 

                                                                                Hair growth using hair supplements


Have you been through a lot of stress lately?

Stress can have a massive impact on our hair. I found this out in the lockdowns. I wasn’t applying heat daily, I could spend more time applying treatments. My hair should have been amazing instead the stress I was under did the opposite. My hair snapped and was shedding a lot. So when you are going through a hard time, be mindful to calm your mind as much as possible. Take a look at our 4 well-being tips to help you. 

If you are still worried about your hair loss please visit your doctor to discuss it further. 



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